If you are planning your summer holiday and are looking for inspiration on where to go in Europe, you're in for a treat. Discard the barbecues and traditional cuisines as Belvicci composed an edible seven day road trip straight through the South of France. Seven days and 10 Michelin stars combined in beautiful scenes, breathtaking views and mouthwatering, tantalizing dishes put together by 7 star [...]
If you’re still looking for a traveling destination in 2016, Europe’s looking very promising this year. Belvicci listed the most trending destinations of Europe. Whichever trip you prefer, this list will provide you with sufficient travel inspiration. Bordeaux Twenty selected destinations competed for the title of Best European destination in 2015. Bordeaux was elected to receive this prestigiou[...]
Have you noticed? The days are getting longer and we’re catching more hours of sun. In the morning I can hear the occasional tweet which means the birds have noticed it too: Spring is almost upon us! It also indicates it’s time to plan a spring getaway. But where to spend your spring break? Isn’t it obvious? In Europe ofcourse! Europe’s the smallest continent of the world, but it offers a v[...]
All you need is love! Rediscover romance by sneaking of for a weekend with your loved one. From the Alps to the mediterranean, these postcard-perfect romantic sceneries will inspire you to fan out across Europe, seeking it’s most romantic spots. Champagne: Reims Most people see Reims as a final opportunity to stock up on champagne. But there’s more to the region than this fizzy elixir. Reims is [...]
Bruges is said to be the best citytrip in the Benelux. This historic city recently won the Zoover Award for Best Citytrip in Belgium and landed on the 5th place in the international competition. But what does it take to become such an exclusive travel destination? This lovely city boasts romantic sceneries, medieval charm, historic canals and cobblestone lanes. By many it is called ‘the [...]
This year Berlin hosts the 65th annual International Film Festival. From 5 to 15 Februari 2015 the Berlinale shows around 400 films in 30 different venues all over Berlin. It’s one of the world’s leading film festivals. Every year the festival attracts movie stars, celebrities and global media attention.   Aside from the glitter and glamour there are awards to be won. Films i[...]
Valentine’s day, the moment to sweep your loved one of his or her feet and indulge in a romantic getaway. Belvicci’s collection of luxurious hotels is the premier choice for a romantic weekend. Impress the one you love with a romantic overnight stay, gourmet dining and lush spa treatments. There’s no better way to spoil your loved one. St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London Located in the buzz[...]
Every year the European Union designates a city for a period of one calendar year to be the European Capital of Culture. This city is set upon the task to organise a series of cultural events with a strong European dimension. This year Mons joins ranks with Pilsen in the Czech Republic. This grand celebration involves 300 events from Van Gogh to Verlaine. Mons is a Belgian city and the c[...]
Ghent, the city, is easily overlooked as a tourist destination by travellers. Foreigners usually go for the more obvious destinations in Belgium such as Bruges, for it’s historic sights and Brussels, for a cosmopolitan feel, where as Ghent is literally and figuratively somewhere inbetween. According to Condé Nast Traveler, a Ghent citytrip is one of the most underappreciated treasures of Western-E[...]
'Because we know when you visit London, you want to feel the finest things in life!' London, the capital city, is the most populous city in the United Kingdom. Standing on the banks of the River Thames, London has been a major settlement for over two millenia. London is a metropole and a leading global city with strengths in arts, commerce, fashion, entertainment, media, tourism,... That’s why [...]