On December 22th 2014 topchef Sergio Herman took a rather radical decision to close down his renowned, three star restaurant ‘Oud Sluis’. ‘Trueworks’ started filming Sergio Herman during a very turbulent year, a year that brought some big changes. Director Willemiek Kluijfhout (L’Amour des moules 2012) followed our chef from march 2013 untill the summer of 2014. The big turning point is the closur[...]
On november 25th 2014 Michelin announced his stars for the new Michelin guide Belgium Luxembourg. The excitement and tension didn’t stop the top chefs from being present at the ‘Horeca Expo Beurs’ in Ghent. It was a night of teeth grinding nervousness, hope, tension, joy and regrattably disillusion. The new edition of the Michelin guide has chosen 11 restaurants with one star: The Jane [...]
Being Scott and Zelda Married new money? Made a stock-market killing? Or just remember the old saw "If you don't travel first class, your heirs will"? Well, the Riviera has been a hard place to practice self-denial ever since F. Scott Fitzgerald arrived with the rest of his Jazz Age literati. So drain that glass of Dom. Enough lollygagging! It's time for a power decision: which luxurious pleasure[...]
Main Entrance of Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen
The Copenhagen restaurant Noma attracts so many tourists it has designed a Nordic garden to stop them peering at diners through the windows.   If there's one thing sure to further sour the taste of a pickled quail's egg – one of the many culinary delights on the menu at Noma, "the world's best restaurant" – then it's got to be the sight of a hungry tourist gawping at you through the[...]
Le Meurice
Here are "The Fab Five", hotels in Paris with Michelin-starred restaurants. Le Meurice Now in the hands of multi-starred superchef Alain Ducasse, Restaurant Le Meurice offers superb dining under a blowsy rococo ceiling. Ducasse protégé Christophe Saintagne has really come into his own here with pared back, refined cuisine that gets back to the essentials of quality ingredients. The hotel's l[...]
View on Florence
As many people around the world know, Florence, Italy is the European capital of renaissance history and art. It's incredible to think back to the early 1400s when architecture, literature, science and fine art began a whole new movement of change. Before you go across the pond, make sure these five activities are set in stone as you plan to walk the same streets as Michelangelo. 1. Peruse the Mu[...]